[CM] snd 6.6 et al

Bill Schottstaedt bil@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Mon, 17 Feb 2003 03:08:29 -0800

Snd 6.6 and friends:

added gettext support, and Michael Scholz provided a German translation.

Improvements and additions to contrib/dlp from Dave Phillips.

FreeBSD/cmu-cl changes in CLM/CMN thanks to Michael Scholz.

Date/Time bugfixes thanks to Michael Scholz.

Windows bugfixes thanks to Jamie Macbeth.

gtkglext auto-configuration bugfix thanks to Tim Van Holder and Raja R Harinath.

Rick fixed an openMCL bug in CLM.

added mus-offset (for env) and mus-width (for square-wave, suggested
  by David Lowenfels).

gl module glGet* funcs can handle multiple return values.

new optimization level 6: the run macro will try to find externally
  defined functions, and auto-define them within the run scope
  using procedure-source and the current argument types.
  More optimizable functions including format and the clm make funcs.

continued extension of virtual op choices.

clm.h has some non-backward compatible changes to the structs.

--with-ladspa is now the default in the configure script, and the
  --with-run switch has been removed (it is handled automatically).

"Click for Help" removed.

fixed the sndplay-hangs-forever bug (the actual problem here is that
  CLM's all.lisp tries to be the equivalent of Snd's configure script,
  and that has become far too complicated to work reliably.  I need
  to run configure from all.lisp instead).

changed with-relative-panes default to #t.

checked: gtkglext-0.6.1 and 0.7.0, Guile 1.6.2, Gtk 2.2.1, OpenGL 1.4
  (via Mesa 5.0) at least to the extent of compiling (I ran into a
  C++ loader problem).

With much help from: Michael Scholz, Stefan Schwandter, Jamie Macbeth,
  Tim Van Holder, Raja R Harinath, Dave Phillips, Rick Taube,
  David Lowenfels, Cris Ewing, Paul Kirk