[CM] CLM stochastic synthesis instrument

Anders Vinjar anders.vinjar@notam02.no
18 Dec 2003 13:48:36 +0100

>>> "BS" == Bill Sack <wsack@acsu.buffalo.edu> writes:

    BS> for all you fans of nonstandard synthesis: i humbly
    BS> submit my homebrew and somewhat naive version of Xenakis'
    BS> Stochastic Dynamic Synthesis

How wonderful!  Thanks alot.

Down in "stochastic.ins", the function 'ran-list has a parameter
'numx which seems to be fixed at 12.  Varying the length of the
initial wave (as you do in the cm-process further down in the
file) makes the syntethic sounds come out even more sparkling.
Thanks again!


(defun ran-list (numx xmn xsp)
  (let ((qua '()))
    (loop repeat numx do 
      (push (list (+ xmn (random (+ 1 xsp))) 0) qua))