[CM] the XCM start file

andres pepe afc_asti@allmail.net
Wed, 30 Apr 2003 12:52:30 -0800


Iīm a Music student here in Colombia-SouthAmerica interested in synthesis
and composition that came to the metalevel site almost by casuality. I am
very impressed with the very good information found in the book, and the
level of interest to make it clear to the musical-oriented student like
me. Thank you (to Rick Taube) for making it freely available.

Though, I have a question about the book/cm, the xcm script file that
suposedly must be created at compile time, didnīt appear in my machine
(redhat8), thatīs why iīm asking if anybody can send it to me. or help me
creating one from scratch.

Second (well, yes i said ONE question before), the syntax
highlighting/indentation/whatever features presented in the examples are
the representation of the real examples? they work in XEmacs?

Thanks in advance for anybody that can answer my questions!

CIAU 8-)
  andres pepe

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