[CM] new clm: Mac clmLib compile error

Bill Schottstaedt bil@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Thu, 17 Apr 2003 04:50:37 -0700

> Make the following changes to allow clmLib to compile:

Thanks!  I merged those changes into my version.  We used
to turn prototypes off by hand somehow -- I don't remember why.

> There are some names
> which changed mus_sound_data_loaction is now clm_sound_data_location,

This wasn't a name change, but a dumb patch -- to handle large files
in those systems that have them, some parts of sndlib changed int to
off_t; the clm_* functions
convert (truncate...) the off_t back to int if that value is being passed
back to Lisp and the Lisp in question doesn't support 64-bit
ints through its FFI.  This is not an issue in the old Mac OS/MCL,
so the existing code should be ok.

I'll check out the other stuff.  It's probably been a year since
I tried to run anything on the old Mac OS.

> In compiling, the following error occurred -- for some reason it
> didn't write out the clmLib even though it went through the motions of
> compiling it.

It's possible to compile clmlib by hand in MPW's excuse for a shell --
mac.help has instructions -- this will at least display the compiler's
error message.