[CM] Current status of CM on OS X ?

Joel Rodrigues joelrodrigues@Phreaker.net
Sat, 26 Oct 2002 14:05:08 +0530

On Wednesday, October 23, 2002, at 11:28 , Tobias Kunze Briseņo 

> just a quick clarification re Mi_D:
>   - the mac works (reportedly) fine, but realize that the last
>     version I compiled/tested it on was something like 7.5 or so.
>     thus, 9.x seems to work, but Apple changed stuff under OS X
>     and not only do I not know how things are done today on the
>     Mac, I also don't have one.  Worse, I haven't found anyone
>     who was willing to compile the CURRENT version for me on the
>     Mac.  (Problem is, it's not only a compile--as always, CodeWarrior
>     kept changing their project file format, so by now it's several
>     IDE versions old and certainly needs a project file port to
>     their newest stupid format.  If there were make/automake on the
>     Mac, we could just ditch the project file stuff.)
>   - linux works under OSS, but not yet under Alsa.  I yet have to
>     get alsa working on my box, at which point i'll port it to
>     alsa (and a better timing approach).
> -T

On my Mac running OS X v10.1.5 (the current OS X is at v10.2.x) 
I've got GNU Make version 3.79. Also, Apple has a lot of free 
developer tools for OS X (a disc full of it is packaged with the 
OS), so instead of Codewarrior, Apple's (free) ProjectBuilder 
IDE could be used. You're right. Things are are VERY different 
in OS X. I don't know much about programming for it, but I do 
know that a great deal of MIDI and audio functionality is built 
into the OS. OMS, FreeMIDI, etc. are out the window. James 
McCartney (he of SuperCollider notoriety) works for Apple now 
and Apple owns Emagic, so there's bound to be more good stuff in 
the future. Perhaps in time I may try my hand at writing 
something simple. What I'd love to see is an Open Source 
6-Operator FM synthesizer with a Common Music-like compositional 
interface for Mac OS X.

Here are some links for info: