[CM] Current status of CM on OS X ?

Tobias Kunze Briseņo t@fictive.com
Wed, 23 Oct 2002 19:58:41 +0200

just a quick clarification re Mi_D: 

  - the mac works (reportedly) fine, but realize that the last
    version I compiled/tested it on was something like 7.5 or so.
    thus, 9.x seems to work, but Apple changed stuff under OS X
    and not only do I not know how things are done today on the 
    Mac, I also don't have one.  Worse, I haven't found anyone
    who was willing to compile the CURRENT version for me on the
    Mac.  (Problem is, it's not only a compile--as always, CodeWarrior
    kept changing their project file format, so by now it's several
    IDE versions old and certainly needs a project file port to 
    their newest stupid format.  If there were make/automake on the
    Mac, we could just ditch the project file stuff.)

  - linux works under OSS, but not yet under Alsa.  I yet have to 
    get alsa working on my box, at which point i'll port it to 
    alsa (and a better timing approach).