[CM] more about CLM/CMUCL problem

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Wed, 27 Nov 2002 12:34:34 -0600

ill have to look at this in my infinite free time. its something silly im sure.

>  Apparently there's no problem with either CLM or CMUCL. I just now
>compiled and loaded piano.ins and piano.cmucl with no trouble. I ran
>Lisp and CLM only, not the cm.core build. I was compiling/loading
>piano.ins via the cm.core build:
>	lisp -core /home/dlphilp/CCRMA/cm-2.4.0/bin/cm.core -init
>  cmlisp.init includes these statements:
>	(in-package :clm)
>	(in-package :cmn)
>	(in-package :cm)
>  But the LOAD-FOREIGN error occurs with cm.core. Any suggestions ?
>== dp
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