[CM] various questions

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Tue, 26 Nov 2002 15:56:17 -0600

>* (load "/home/dlphilp/CCRMA/cm-2.4.0/etc/examples/fm.cmucl")
>; Loading #p"/home/dlphilp/CCRMA/cm-2.4.0/etc/examples/fm.cmucl".
> Warning: This function is undefined:

this looks like a CMU problem to me. I can compile/load in mcl, for example.

>     A. The clefs appear to be finally determined by the octave
> registration of their respective pitch class sets. Is that true, i.e.,
> will the range of the pitches override the clef selection automatically
>? Is there a way to "fix" the clef selection so it will not change ?

Are you setting up a staff first? I think if you do
	(set-cmn-staff! 0 :clef :treble ...)
CMN will only use the treble clef for staff 0. But maybe CMN changes to a new clef if it thinks it should. look in the cmn docs, there is probably a control on this.

BTW ill be adding a 'staffing' slot to .cmn files so that you can either define global staff descriptions like in intro.cm or specify them on a per score basis.

>     B. The entry for cmn-file in the CM dictionary refers to a slot
> initializer called "display" which takes a true or false argument. I
> would like to auto-display newly created scores: does this setting
> enable such an action ? If so, how do I use it ?

no, this is out of date, i think this referred to an interface someone at IRCAM did on the mac.  May try writing a hook function to do this and then do (set-cmn-output-hook! whatever)