[CM] various questions

Anders Vinjar anders.vinjar@notam02.no
26 Nov 2002 14:55:40 +0100

>>> "DP" == Dave Phillips <dlphilp@bright.net> writes:

    DP> (in-package :clm)
    DP> (in-package :cmn)
    DP> (in-package :cm)

The #'in-package form only sets the current package (giving you
easy access to all the symbols in that package).  The above 3
forms only results in leaving you in the :cm-package.  The
loading of clm/cmn and whatever is already done as part of the
build-process and dumping of the cm-image.

    DP> Is there a way to determine/verify what packages have
    DP> been loaded ?

* (list-all-packages)

One specific package:

* (find-package :clm)  
    DP> I would like to auto-display newly created scores

Have ghostview startup with the -watch flag.  ie:

 shell> gv -watch aaa.eps &

    DP> 4. How do I create a CMN and its MIDI file at the same
    DP> time, i.e., how can I generate the MIDI file along with
    DP> its particular score ?

If your process or whatever is deterministic just output directly
from the process to the various destinations.  Or else one option
might be to store the output into a 'seq first, then output the
'seq to "test.midi" and "test.eps" separately.  ie:

* (events (my-random-proc 4) (new seq name 'from-random-proc))
* (events #!from-random-proc "test.midi")
* (events #!from-random-proc "test.cmn")