[CM] various questions

Dave Phillips dlphilp@bright.net
Tue, 26 Nov 2002 08:14:16 -0500


  As I'm testing Rick's latest tarball of CM I've come across a few
problems that might have relatively trivial solutions. Hopefully someone
can point me in the right direction regarding these problems and

   1. I built CM after loading the latest CLM-2 and CMN, and I saved the
core image according to the instructions (and Larry Troxler's advice).
My cminit.lisp looks like this:

;;; Forms in this file will be evaluated when Common Music starts.

(in-package :clm)
(in-package :cmn)
(in-package :cm)

(set-midi-output-hook! #'oss-play-midi-file)

   I then start everything (from /home/dlphilp/CCRMA) with 

	lisp -core cm-2.4.0/bin/cm.core -init cm-2.4.0/bin/cminit.lisp

   Is there a way to determine/verify what packages have been loaded ?
Using *package* apparently indicates only the last package loaded.

   2. The fm.ins in cm-2.4.0/etc/examples is not working for me. Here's
the rundown:

dlphilp@localhost:~/CCRMA$ lisp -core cm-2.4.0/bin/cm.core -init

* (compile-file "cm-2.4.0/etc/examples/fm.ins")

Python version 1.0, VM version Intel x86 on 26 NOV 02 07:57:20 am.
Compiling: /home/dlphilp/CCRMA/cm-2.4.0/etc/examples/fm.ins 21 NOV 02
01:05:07 pm
[snip successful compile]

cm-2.4.0/etc/examples/fm.x86f written.
Compilation finished in 0:00:10.
* (load "/home/dlphilp/CCRMA/cm-2.4.0/etc/examples/fm.cmucl")

; Loading #p"/home/dlphilp/CCRMA/cm-2.4.0/etc/examples/fm.cmucl".

Warning: This function is undefined:


  0: [CONTINUE] Return NIL from load of
  1: [ABORT   ] Return to Top-Level.

Debug  (type H for help)

Source: Error finding source: 
Error in function DEBUG::GET-FILE-TOP-LEVEL-FORM:  Source file no longer
0] 1    

   Any suggestions ? I'm not very knowledable about writing CLM
instruments yet and I'm not at all sure how to incorporate CLM with CM.
Still learning here... 

   3. I've been having fun with the CMN output, freely experimenting
with and changing Rick's example code in intro.cm. I've found a couple
of things I don't understand:

     A. The clefs appear to be finally determined by the octave
registration of their respective pitch class sets. Is that true, i.e.,
will the range of the pitches override the clef selection automatically
? Is there a way to "fix" the clef selection so it will not change ?

     B. The entry for cmn-file in the CM dictionary refers to a slot
initializer called "display" which takes a true or false argument. I
would like to auto-display newly created scores: does this setting
enable such an action ? If so, how do I use it ?

   Btw, I've been using GhostView to view the new EPS scores as they're
created, I only have to hit the Redisplay button twice and voila,
there's the new version. It's very cool, but I'd love to automate all
that if possible.

   4. How do I create a CMN and its MIDI file at the same time, i.e.,
how can I generate the MIDI file along with its particular score ?

  I also want to give a big "Thank you!" to everyone who's been helping
me with these and other issues. CM is very impressive, and Rick's NM
tutorials are an enormous assistance. It really does look like I'm
getting very close to my dream of an integrated environment for
composition/synthesis/notation/recording under Linux, thanks to the
Common apps.

Best regards,

== Dave Phillips

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