[CM] new cm-2.4.0 tarball

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Fri, 22 Nov 2002 09:30:55 -0600

Ive updated the cm-2.4.0.tar.gz file at CCRMA with 99% of functionality for the release. the only thing still missing is importing, ill try to add that soon.
In this new archive  CLM2 audio and CMN files are back for Common Lisp (not scheme) THe CMN stff has changed -- I've tried to make it easer to work with (no staffer functions, for example). Basically if you want to display anything in CMN you write a little method on 'object->cmn'. there is already one dwefined for midi -- see the CMN example in intro.cm for details. ill tru to document things in the next few weeks. If you use CMN i would be grateful if you would try it out and let me know if/how it could be improved.

the tarball is at

Features and bug fixes for CM 2.4.0:

o ported CM to Open MCL/OSX

o CMN supported again in Common Lisp. I think ive made it
  much easier to use.  See example in intro.cmn for
  more info. Please send me feedback on this new method
  if you use CMN!

o CLM2/audio supported again in Common Lisp CM. Ill add
  it scheme next.

o CM now loads a scheme compatibilty file into Common Lisp      
  unless you tell it not to. To block scheme symbols from
  being defined in the Common Music package do
      (push :no-scheme *features*)
  before you load cm.lisp

o File versioning now supported by file type. To turn file 
  versioning on/off you call the appropriate function:

  (set-midi-file-versions! #t)
  (set-clm-file-versions! #t)
  (set-audio-file-versions! #t)
  (set-sco-file-versions! #t)
  and so on.

o Changed CD to behave like Linux CD -- calling CD
  without an arg now puts you in your home directory.
  This is incompatible with the last release -- sorry!

o Added PWD function to print current working directory.

o Added QUIT and EXIT functions to Common Music package.

o Changed #i instance printing to show slot names rather
  than keyword initializations.

o Added <event> class for easy subclassing.

o Fixed nasty while/until bug in process.

o Fixed multiple transposer bugs.

o Fixed multiple range bugs.

o Ligeti example working.

o Includes a nice cm script for clisp/Linux that Tobias
  Kunze wrote. The script even installs if it has to!