[CM] small bug in Snd's Gate effect

Dave Phillips dlphilp@bright.net
Thu, 14 Nov 2002 08:53:28 -0500

Hi Bill:

  Just a quick note: The Gate effect in contrib/dlp/dp-new-effects.scm
will produce an error ("expecting an integer") when first launched. This

	(define omit-silence #f)

should be changed to

	(define omit-silence 0)

It should work fine then. There may be a couple other similar instances
in other effects, I'll try to track them down and fix 'em.

Btw, I'm hoping to put some work into sprucing up the LADSPA effects.
Currently they are applied only to whole file or from the cursor
position onwards (undocumented "feature"), so I'll try to put them into
the same framework as the other effects. Of course time is an issue so I
can't promise when I'll get things fixed... but it's on my mind ! ;)...
I've also screwed up some of the logic in the Freeverb effect: you need
to try launching it twice before it will appear, probably due to some
error I made when I first prepared it. I'll try fixing that one too...
after I learn Swahili... and rebuild my carburetor blindfolded... and
climb Chomalunga...

Best regards,

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