[CM] first steps...

Valery Beluntsov leh@mail.ru
Sat, 9 Nov 2002 01:46:11 +0300

> > I got the following error trying to run clisp-cm-clm-cmn. What should I
> > do to fix the problem?
> Hmmm, I assume that you are using the redhat rpms that live in Planet
> CCRMA? What linux distribution and version are you using?

I use ASP Linux 7.3 (it's russian distribution, it seems to be very similar to 
Redhat). Rpms of clisr and clisp-cm-clm-cmn I really downloaded from Planet 

> It looks like you have mixed versions (maybe you installed the rpms
> manually?). The clisp you have installed is 2.30 and I built that one only
> for redhat 8.0 because 2.28 was not compiling at all. But the cm-clm-cmn
> you are using must be the one that was compiled for 7.x.  That's the
> reason it is not starting (the core image is not compatible with the lisp
> you have installed).

Thank you for the solution, I really had installed clisp 2.30. I'll try now to 
download 2.28.