[CM] CLM-on-Mac improvements

bbattey@u.washington.edu bbattey@u.washington.edu
Thu, 30 May 2002 03:10:13 -0700 (PDT)

Michael Klinbeil wrote:
>MPW with optimization can be extremely slow to compile large 
>instruments. Given enough time the compile probably will complete. 

Thanks, Michael. Sure enough, my large instrument does compile in circa 
23 minutes.  (Though the gain at instrument runtime is modest in this 
case: it only reduces the runtime on a test sample from 12 minutes to 11 

I can see arguments both ways regarding whether optimization should be 
the default behavior. I suspect it will be most convenient if the optimization 
is off by default, since most compiles are executed while debugging. So 
one will want to easily debug and quickly execute compilations for testing, 
then execute a more complex command for compiling with optimization -- 
once -- after the instrument is debugged.

Also, on the highly likely scenario that someone doesn't read the 
documentation of the optimization option (to come? or did I miss it?), and 
optimization was standard, they might throw up their hands in despair at 
the long compile times and bail out on CLM.

> I think the ultimate solution to any MacOS problems is to use CLM on 
> Linux... :(

Alas! The analysis/composition tool I've been creating is also highly 
reliant on Rick's Mac-only CM plotter for displaying the results coming out 
of the system (fed in part by CLM analysis instruments). Ah, the ever-
elusive cross-platform holy grail... Just can't win for the losing... ;-)