[CM] Problems with cmn:rest in CMU

Torsten.Anders@hfm.uni-weimar.de Torsten.Anders@hfm.uni-weimar.de
Fri, 17 May 2002 11:05:26 +0200


This is probably a known problem, but still annoying: In CMU-CL cl:rest is 
imported in the :cmn package and redefined -- which breaks a lot of other 
code, when CMN is loaded. For various Lisp implementations cl:rest is only 
shadow-imported into CMN. I tried just to insert a (:shadow "REST") or 
something similar into the defpackage, without success yet. Any proposal?

It was somewhat disturbing first to find the cause of the problem, because 
the docstring is still that of #'cl:rest, though the definition is changed:

(describe #'cl:rest) ->

#<Function REST {481D9219}> is function.
  (&rest objects)
Function documentation:
  Means the same as the cdr of a list.
Its declared argument types are:
Its result type is:
On Monday, 4/1/02 02:34:05 pm [-1] it was compiled from:
  Created: Thursday, 9/3/98 04:18:10 pm [-1]

Torsten Anders