[CM] Re: clm newbie needs big help!

Joseph L Anderson j.l.anderson@bham.ac.uk
Sat, 29 Jun 2002 18:56:26 -0700


Oh joy! w/ dlcompat clisp runs. Many thanks for the help.

CLM built w/ no problems, and then was a cinch getting v.ins to write 
sound to a file.

Now all i have to do is actually learn clm. . .

Re OpenMCL, looking at the CM list archive i see not everyone is too 
happy w/ clisp. Is it expect OpenMCL will make life happier? I 
downloaded it - but havent tried to fool w/ it now that clisp actually 


On Saturday, June 29, 2002, at 04:51  PM, Michael Klingbeil wrote:

> Now that you mention it I remember encountering this problem as well. 
> No need to reinstall clsip. Just get the "dlcompat" package which is 
> available via Fink dselect. I think once that is installed everything 
> will work (famous last words!). Apparently this wasn't set up as a 
> dependency for clisp.
> I found using clisp less than satisfying for work with CLM/CM on MacOS 
> X but your experience may differ. I got used to MCL and Rick Taube's 
> plotter, so moving to clisp was a bit unpleasant.
> Someday some other LISPs should become available for MacOS X. I have 
> tried out OpenMCL but I haven't attempted to build either CLM or CM. 
> Right now OpenMCL claims to lack support for dynamic loading unloading 
> of libraries. Maybe dlcompat offers a solution to that difficulty.

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