[CM] help with windows xemacs cm nightmare

Simon Kirby simon@ling.ed.ac.uk
Thu, 27 Jun 2002 12:19:21 +0100 (BST)

Hi all,

I am really struggling to get CM to work on my windows machine - I wonder 
if any of you can give me a step-by-step guide...

Here's what I've done so far... I've downloaded and unpacked the 
cm-2.3.4-win32.zip file from the ftp site. For what its worth, the 
resultant directory tree is now under c:\cm-2.3.4\... As the README 
suggests, I looked in etc\scripts for a startup script. I modified the 
clispcm.bat there so that the paths pointed to the right places, in other 

C:\cm-2.3.4\bin\lisp.exe -M c:\cm-2.3.4\bin\cm.mem -i c:\cm-2.3.4\bin\cminit.lisp

However, clicking on the resulting batch file gives me the following error
after cminit.lisp is loaded:

*** - Win32 error 161 (ERROR_BAD_PATHNAME): The specified path is invalid.
1. Break [2]>

OK, well I didn't really want to run CM from the windows command shell
anyway, so I moved on to trying to get it to work under Xemacs. The
etc\emacs directory mentioned in the README isn't there unfortunately, but
there is a cm.el file in the contrib directory. The file suggests a couple
of lines to add to your .emacs file to load cm.el. However, one of these
points to the file "/usr/bin/clispcm", and I'm not sure what this should
be on a windows system...

I have Cygwin, so I figured I could just modify the clispcm sh script in
the contrib directory.... but this requires a CLISPDIR variable be set to 
"the directory containing 'full' or 'base' directories". And I don't have 


Is there a nice simple way I can get cm running under Xemacs on a windows 

Thanks in advance for any help....

P.S. I originally sent this message to cmdist-admin in error - sorry!

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