[CM] Pest Question?

Carl Edwards carl.boingie@rcn.com
Wed, 12 Jun 2002 13:43:01 -0400

>Ken wrote:
>Is there any kind of timeline on a "plotter like thing running in Linux"

Something I'd like to accomplish to address my need for visual
representation (I have a Windoze CM setup) is to create a picture output
using the text-based PNM image format for import into The Gimp (or a similar
program). I'm planning on creating pictures to render (and use as filters)
in MetaSynth (a picture to sound renderer for the Mac). MetaSynth has a very
nice sytem for defining the tuning of a picture (the Y axis) with a simple
text file scale description.

The PNM creation looks like a relatively straightforward task, though doing
a version as a class in CM is beyond me at the moment. I'll be happy to keep
you posted if you're interested.

Carl Edwards