[CM] snd 5.11

Bill Schottstaedt bil@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Wed, 12 Jun 2002 03:58:42 -0700

Changes in Snd 5.11:

added contrib/tutorial directory with Dave Phillips' articles from
  the O'Reilly net site.

added support for OpenGL:
  give configure either --with-gl (to include the Guile bindings
  in gl.c) or --with-just-gl (to include just the built-in OpenGL
  stuff); currently the spectrogram and wavogram use GL if it's
  available.  New variable with-gl to turn it off (if you like the
  old form or whatever).  Removed glfft.c and glfft.scm,
  added snd-gl.scm (GL support is in gl.c, makegl.scm, gldata.scm).
  In gtk2, you'll need the GtkGLext library: http://gtkglext.sourceforge.net/

  I also goofed around with lighting, shinyness, fog, translucency,
  overlaid grids, and so on, but the simplest picture seemed the best.

added support for the fftw library (HAVE_FFTW).
  removed the fht stuff (dht can be used as a stop-gap). My timing
  tests indicate that fftw is usually slightly faster than fht.

amp envs in the mix panel are editable.

moved forward-sample and backward-sample to snd5.scm.

added update-hook and made it much less likely that a sound's
  index will change during the update process.

The prebuilt linux-snd at ccrma-ftp no longer loads libXm
  statically (that is, you'll need it on your system) --
  in Redhat 7.3 there's a problem with libXm.a, and the
  thing is free in any case.  Also needed now (for the
  prebuilt images) are the OpenGL libraries libGL and
  libGLU, and the fftw libraries librfftw and libfftw.

removed the -DSTR_OR flag and moved that stuff to snd5.scm. Also
  removed the WITH_BIG_COLORMAP flag; you can get the old small
  colormap size by using the flag -DCOLORMAP_SIZE=64.

Checked: RedHat 7.3, OpenGL 1.2, Ruby 1.7.2, FFTW 2.1.3

Thanks to Anders Vinjar, Dave Phillips, Nik Gaffney, Stefan Schwandter,
and Paul Winkler for bug reports.