[CM] about subobjects

Carl Edwards carl.boingie@rcn.com
Fri, 26 Jul 2002 17:46:04 -0400

I'm a little confused by example given in the CM documentation under the
"subobjects" heading.

 Example 1-6:? (new seq named 'foo)
#<SEQ: Foo>

? (setf (subobjects #!foo) (for i below 10 collect (new midi time i)))

When I try it I get an error message:

*** - EVAL: the function FOR is undefined

I'm not so concerned by the FOR part of the example. But I haven't been able
to find a form for filling a seq with midi events. I've also tried:

(new seq named 'foo)

(setf (subobjects #!foo) (new midi start 1 duration 3 keynum 53 amplitude

To which I get:


and many similar permutations. I'm sure it's something obvious but I'm just
not getting it. Can someone set me straight?




Carl Edwards