[CM] CM/CLM/CMN goes webway

Carl Edwards carl.boingie@rcn.com
Sun, 30 Jun 2002 21:45:26 -0400

Although my connection is rather slow I found visiting your site
fascinating. I can't wait to hear it.

Great job. Thanks for the link.

Carl Edwards

> Ive set up a web-server displaying various graphics, sounds,
> scores of some sound/art/music - doing all of its content-work
> through the CM/CMN/CLM packages.  It could be interesting to some
> cmdist-readers.  The main entrance is
>   http://notam02.uio.no/polylogue.html
> (...)
> I can explain more of the technicalities if anyones interested.
> Ill make a phase-2 version sometime, which connects to musical
> performances.
> Have fun!  Tell me about any flaws you find.
> -anders