[CM] new snd user: questions

Ivan Uemlianin i.a.uemlianin@celtic.co.uk
Thu, 19 Dec 2002 14:40:28 +0000

Dear all

I've just started using snd to edit speech files.  I'm having the 
following 'experiences'.  I haven't investigated these in any depth and 
I come here for clues as to whether any of these are actual bugs or 
(more probably) config issues I can clear up.  I have Read The FM. 
Apart from the issue with long files, snd is perfectly usable (better 
than that).

I'm running snd 5.8 on Debian GNU/Linux 3.0

:$ snd --version
This is Snd version 5.8 of 13-Mar-02:
     Xen: 1.2, Guile: 1.4
     OSS 3.8.2
     Sndlib 15.0 (11-Mar-02, int24 samples)
     CLM 1.62 (6-Mar-02)
     Gtk+ 1.2.10, Glib 1.2.10
     gtkextra: 0.99.16
     with LADSPA
     Compiled Mar 19 2002 10:54:56
     C: 2.95.4  (Debian prerelease)
     Libc: 2.2.5.stable

- there was no ~/.snd file and I couldn't find a default config anywhere 
(e.g. /etc/snd, etc/defaults/snd, ...).  I've set up a basic one, just 
with window size.

- I get occasional segfaults when I use Alt-O/Alt-C to open/close a 
file. Mostly they just mean Alt-O doesn't work, but sometimes snd crashes.

- Apart from the gui-based keyboard commands (e.g. Alt-O), the keys 
don't work.  The emacs-style keyboard commands (e.g. Cx Cf to load a 
file, etc) just don't do anything, and snd will only listen to the gui. 
  I'd love to get this working as my fingers are already configured for 

- Long files (e.g. more than a few minutes) don't seem to be fully 
loaded - only about the first quarter.  I'd like to edit audio files up 
to around 20mins (maybe longer - presumably there's a limit?)

Best wishes