[CM] Landscape printing in CMN?

Anders Vinjar anders.vinjar@notam02.no
16 Dec 2002 09:30:33 +0100

>>> "RG" == Ruven Gottlieb <igadget@earthlink.net> writes:

    RG> Hi, I'm printing large size music, and I'd like to be
    RG> able to set CMN up to rotate the PostScript output for
    RG> landscape printing?  

Try setting the 'matrix-slot in the overall score-attributes.
Something like

      (matrix '(0 1 -1  0 650 32))
      (page-width 29.7))     ; A4-paper-size
      (page-height 21.0)

- should get you somewhere near (the last two numbers are just
offsetting the score x- and y-wise).  There used to be a point
about this in cmn.html, maybe its moved to some example-files.