[CM] fun with CM + Linux

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
09 Dec 2002 11:37:41 -0800

> > I haven't been following terribly closely, but are you linking foreign
> > (i.e. "C") code and saving in a core?  Until very recently (after the
> > most recent official CMUCL release) this caused segmentation faults, as
> > the foreign references weren't saved (and so weren't loaded at startup).
> Well, there is C code compiled into CLM (is that correct, Bill ?), maybe
> that could be the problem.

That would be sndlib, I think. I did not follow the thread too closely
as well, but I assume you are initializing the clm package by evaluating
(restart-clm) after loading everything? I have that added to the startup
script for my cmucl rpms in Planet CCRMA:

exec /usr/bin/lisp -core /usr/lib/lisp/lib/cm-clm-cmn.core -eval
"(restart-clm)\" $@

I had an additional problem that required a hack to make the Planet
CCRMA cm/clm/cmn rpms work corectly in cmucl. Everything would work fine
on the machine where the whole thing was compiled and saved but the load
of the clm ffi code would fail on a slightly different machine. I had to
rebuild the ffi code when the rpm is installed and reload it at startup
time and that fixed the problem (but is a gross hack :-) Maybe a newer
version of cmucl would fix that as well, I'll have to try. 

-- Fernando