[CM] noise reduction with snd

Michael Edwards m@michael-edwards.org
Fri, 16 Aug 2002 18:54:57 +0200

Hi Moritz,

Noise removal is a very tricky business, way over my head to be honest,
but I found a nice little app that's idiot-proof (there's only one
slider to fiddle with) and costs only $20.  I'm sure a lot people will
find it too limiting but I've done many a clean-up job with it and swear
by it.  You'll find it below:


Good luck,


mlennert@club.worldonline.be schrieb:
> Hello,
> I am a complete newbie in the field of sound editing, so please tell me if I'm completely out of my league and if this isn't the right place to ask these questions.
> I have been conducting interviews for my MSc dissertation and am now in the process of transcribing them. However, my recordings are not always of very good quality and I often have heavy background noise. Since this noise is quite constant and homogenous, I was wondering whether it would be possible to filter it out in order to hear the voices more clearly. I've tried some noise reduction with 'audacity', but the result was not extraordinary. Is it possible to reduce noise in snd ? And if yes, could someone just briefly list the steps I have to follow, or a source of information about this ? I have read through the manual, but since I'm not familiar with the vocabulary of sound engineering this is not always easy.
> So any hint would be welcome.
> Thanks in advance !
> Moritz
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