[CM] snd 6.0

Bill Schottstaedt bil@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Tue, 13 Aug 2002 05:19:46 -0700

snd 6.0:

The daily version is snd-6.tar.gz.
The rpms assume guile 1.5.6 now.
Is anyone using the linuxppc rpm file?

All the xm/xg/gl code has changed to omit the prefix "|", replacing
  it with "." in struct field accessors. The script fix-bar can be used
  to update scheme code:
    fix-bar *.scm

the "wrappers" Widget, Pixel, GC, XtAppContext, and snd-pixel have
  been moved to snd5.scm.

Fabio Furlanete's rmsgain.scm added to contrib.

with-relative-panes -- an experiment with paned window widgets.  If
  this is set in the Motif version, a multichannel sound tries to retain
  the relative channel sizes when the outer sash (the overall sound size
  sash) changes.

mix-length -> mix-frames
region-length -> region-frames
selection-length -> selection-frames
  The old names are defined in snd5.scm.

Snd run macro can handle list constants now (i.e. list-ref et al passing
  data to an instrument).
added a first stab at def-clm-struct to ws.scm (using list-ref).

Thanks to Fernando Lopez-Lezcano, Peter Traub, Keith (kcross@linex.com),
  Anders Vinjar, and Jacob Robbins for bug reports, and Michael Scholz for a bugfix.

checked: GSL 1.2, gtkglext 0.4.0 (and 0.4.1).

CLM works in OpenMCL in Mac-OSX thanks to Michael Klingbeil.
Clisp 2.29 checked out for CMN/CLM.