[CM] Transparent Tape Music Festival 2

Joseph L Anderson j.l.anderson@bham.ac.uk
Wed, 7 Aug 2002 11:20:17 -0700

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE            July 25, 2002

FILE:    	Music / Electronic / Experimental

EVENT:  	The Transparent Tape Music Festival 2

WHEN:  	Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
		August 16, 17, and 18, 2002

TICKETS: $7 one night / $15 festival pass
		( email/phone reservations suggested)
WHERE:	Transparent Theater
		1901 Ashby
		Berkeley, CA USA

		(415) 614-2434


3 concerts of fixed sound works diffused over a 20+ loudspeaker
surround sound system.  THE TRANSPARENT TAPE MUSIC
FESTIVAL 2 is presented by The "New" San Francisco Tape Music
Center, together with sfSound, ACME Observatory Contemporary
Music Series, and the Transparent Theater.

The festival offers a unique balance of new and classic works for
the medium.  Highlights include:

Pierre Schaeffer - "Quatre etudes de bruit" (1948, 1971 revision)
	[  a 'new' version of the first 'musique concrete' composition ]

John Cage/Larry Austin - "Williams [re]Mix[ed]" (51-01)
	[ a remastered 8-channel version of Cage's Famous
	"Williams Mix" together with a new piece by Larry Austin
	based on the same chance operations used in the Cage work]

Morton Subotnick - "Until Spring" (1975) [4channels]
	[ a founder of the "classic" San Francisco Tape Music Center, we
	  present a well-known work of Subotnick's rarely heard in the
   	  4-channel original version ]

Francis Dhomont - "Objects retrouves" (1996)
Barry Truax - "Pendlerdrum"  (1997)
Curis Roads - "Sculptor" (2002)
Maggi Payne "breaks/motors" (2001)
Jonty Harrison - "Klang" (1982)
	[ all leading composers in the field ]

In memory of John R. Pierce's recent passing, we will present a handful
of short Early Computer Music Pieces by
	Max V. Matthews, John R. Pierce, and Newman Guttman including:
	Guttman's "The Silver Scale" (1957) [the first computer music ever!]
	Matthew's "Bicycle Built for Two" ~2min (1961)
		[as made famous by the film: '2001']

Royoji Ikeda "C" (1998)
	[ a work that has had profound influence over 'glitch' music ]

6 premieres of new works by local composers.

Many more pieces by composers from all over the world.

Please see http://sfSound.org/tape.html for program details, notes
about specific compositions, and links to composers.

           matt  ingalls