[CM] CM port to Guile available

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Mon, 5 Aug 2002 06:02:07 -0500

>in file 'guile.scm'. After that the examples from file 'examples.cm' worked
>without problems. 

ill fix that plus a few other typos i found and update the scm.tar.gz file at ccrma right now.

>(btw, any reason to call it 'scm' - i'd rather prefer to have a "telling"
> name like cm-guile ;-)

its only temporary, i will be merging the scheme code back into the main cm source tree. at that point ill also try to reactivate the old sourceforge cm project now that im using linux so much.

>I feel a bit uneasy about hardcoded path constants -- what do you think
>about putting the code into one or more modules?

maybe there should be a large 'music' module that can provide differnet pacakges like snd and cm ???

> (i've converted your 
>loop code to a guile module a while ago, i'd be happy to send you the 
>modiried code).

the loop.scm in scm.tar.gz has a number of bugs fixed from the older version and ive also converted it to a standalone file. it should work in most schemes.

>Have you considered telling the guile folks about your project? Again i'd be
>happy to post a short message to the guile mailing list and fill out the
>guile project form. I think cm and snd are some imressive show-pieces for

yes thank you please do (im packing...) there are a few guile bugs i should tell them about too when im back.