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Press Release: 
The American Grants and Loans Catalog is now available. Our new and revised 
2011 edition contains more than 2800 financial programs, subsidies, scholarships,  
grants and loans offered by the US federal government.  
In addition you will also have access to over 2400 programs funded by private  
corporations and foundations. That is over 5200 programs available through  
various sources of financial providing organizations. 
NEW: You will also have access to our live Database that is updated on a daily  
basis. This product also provides daily email alerts as programs are announced. 
The Database is also available with IP recognition. This allows you to login 
without a username or password (Great for libraries or educational institutions 
who want their users to access the database). 
Businesses, students, researchers, scientists, teachers, doctors, private individuals,  
municipalities, government departments, educational institutions, law enforcement  
agencies, nonprofits, foundations and associations will find a wealth of information  
that will help them with their new ventures or existing projects. 
The document is a fully searchable PDF file for easy access to your particular  
needs and interests. Simply enter your keywords to search through the publication. 
It is the perfect tool for libraries and educational institutions to use as a  
reference guide for students who require funds to pursue their education. 
Contents of the Directory: 
-Web link to program announcement page 
-Web link to Federal agency or foundation administering the program 
-Authorization upon which a program is based 
-Objectives and goals of the program 
-Types of financial assistance offered under a program 
-Uses and restrictions placed upon a program 
-Eligibility requirements 
-Application and award process 
-Regulations, guidelines and literature relevant to a program 
-Information contacts at the headquarters, regional, and local offices 
-Programs that are related based upon program objectives and uses 
Programs in the Catalog provide a wide range of benefits and services 
for categories such as: 
Business and Commerce 
Community Development 
Consumer Protection 
Cultural Affairs 
Disaster Prevention and Relief 
Employment, Labor and Training 
Environmental Quality 
Food and Nutrition 
Income Security and Social Services 
Information and Statistics 
Law, Justice, and Legal Services 
Natural Resources 
Regional Development 
Science and Technology 
CD version: $69.95 
Printed version: $149.95 
To order please call: 1 (888) 341-8645 
Please do not reply to the sender's email address as this address is only for outgoing mail.  
If you do not wish to receive information from us in the future please reply here: 
rem104 at gmx.us 
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