[anet08banff] JackTrip on Sourceforge, Mailing List and Mac OS X support

Juan-Pablo Caceres jcaceres at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Thu Aug 14 15:39:06 PDT 2008

Hello everyone,

JackTrip is finally being completely updated, and part of this process 
is that now it has it's own project web page on Sourceforge:


There's already a 1.0 alpha 1 release that works not only on Linux but 
now also on Mac OS X. You can just go ahead and download it. In the 
meantime, all the development is happening in the subversion repository 
that you can access from the same Sourceforge webpage. If you want to 
keep up with the last development release, just keep updating your svn copy.

Also, some of you have manifested interest in having a jacktrip mailing 
list: it has also been created. If you want to subscribe, please follow 
this link:


We'll just have one list in the beginning (jacktrip-devel) where 
development and user related issues may be discussed. In the future, if 
this grows out of control ;) we'll create a separate jacktrip-users list.

Please note that this release is still in alpha, but you'll see lots of 
activity in the next weeks. We are aiming for a final 1.0 release no 
later than a month from now.

Please don't hesitate to contacting me if you have further question,
Best of all,

PS: It tried to email this to the most people I could remember, it'll be 
great if you can forward it to other interested parties that I may have 

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